Timely case identification, proper clinical management reason for low mortality rate compared to global figures: Health ministry

An analysis of the deaths show 64 per cent of the fatalities in males and the remaining 36 per cent in females, the ministry said.


NEW DELHI: The mortality rate in COVID-19 cases in India is 3.06 per cent as against the global rate of 6.65, the Union health ministry said on Thursday, crediting the efforts towards timely case identification and proper clinical management for this low figure.

An analysis of the deaths show 64 per cent of the fatalities in males and the remaining 36 per cent in females, the ministry said.

Providing an age distribution of the fatalities, the ministry said 0.5 per cent of the deaths are reported in the less than 15 years age group, 2.5 per cent between 15 and 30 years, 11.4 per cent in those aged between 30 and 45, 35.1 per cent between 45-60 years and 50.5 per cent fatalities among people aged above 60 years.

Further, 73 per cent of the deaths had underlying co-morbidities. Elderly people (above 60 years of age) and people having co-morbidities are identified as high risk groups for COVID-19.


“The case mortality rate in India is 3.06 per cent, which is much lesser in comparison to the global case mortality rate of 6.65 pc. This brings into focus our efforts towards timely case identification and proper clinical management of the cases,” the ministry said in its statement.

The death toll due to COVID-19 rose to 3,435 and the number of cases climbed to 1,12,359 in the country in a 24-hour span till Thursday 8 AM, registering an increase of 132 deaths and 5,609 cases.

A total of 45,299 patients have recovered so far and 3,002 people have been cured in the last 24 hours, the ministry said.

“The recovery rate is improving continuously and is 40.32 per cent currently,” it said.

India currently has 63,624 active cases. These are all under active medical supervision. Of the active cases, around 2.94 per cent of the cases are in ICU, the statement said.

It is advised that community awareness on COVID-19 appropriate behaviour is an important intervention for prevention for spread of this disease, the ministry said as it stressed on the need to focus on personal hygiene, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquettes and environmental sanitation.

Face covers and masks should be used in public places and physical distancing should be followed. Large gatherings should be avoided. Individuals in high risk groups should stay at home except for essential and health purposes, it said.